Monthly Archives: December 2010

Freedom 2 – A ray of light

As a matter of public record. I ranted on this in this month’s freedom column about taking responsibility for us, collectively, on demonstrations. I’ve been remonstrated with for taking that stance, and I note as a result, that there are other points of view, which I don’t agree with, but which nevertheless are valid, sound […]


I’m writing in the UK and I’m a UK citizen, I was born and bred here.  Any remarks I make have the full set of prejudices that I carry with me as a result of this, and must be considered in this light. This said, racially I have some Asian background, but no culture because […]

Sociologists the scientists

This will probably be short.  Or not, I don’t know. I have decided, while writing Snow, that Sociologists, and by this I mean social workers and the like, are the ultimate experiential experimenters. They look, like any scientist, for causes. This idea, this search for causes infects us like the greatest of memes.  It enters our […]

The Santa Chronicles, and why I’m truly evil

Go away children this isn’t for you, it’s for adults, even though it contains no actual “adult” material, where “adult” is used as a euphemism for scatology or sex. ________________ I had trouble with Christmas when I was first married, hated it, always stressy, always dreadful at childhood home in later years. Actually in the very early […]