An open letter to Ben Affleck

Dear Sir,

I see from the media and social media that you have been cast as Batman in the forthcoming movie which is listed on IMDB as Superman vs. Batman. I am sure you are happy with your casting and will do a creditable, professional and enjoyable job.

I note that you have, during your acting and directorial career, won two Oscars, 48 other awards, and been nominated for 64 others. You are clearly an expert in your field, and have a vast range of skills to bring to any acting or directorial role you engage in.

I see, again from IMDB, that you have 58 titles in which you have acted, 14 as producer, 6 as director and 5 as writer, (I particularly enjoyed “Good Will Hunting”, thank you). Again, I think that any professional would agree that this qualifies you well as an expert in your chosen field. You would seem to me to have a broad range of experience and qualifications in your field and are well positioned to judge what roles you should accept in your work.

As such, I see that the thousands of pundits, twitterers, critics and other internet and media commentators feel qualified to pre-judge your performance, the expertise of the industry in casting you, and before you have laid foot upon a stage or set, castigate the idea of your being cast in the role of Batman in the forthcoming film.

I feel it incumbent upon me as a non-expert in this matter, to say that, on behalf of all non-experts, that we not qualified to judge your participation in this project; and on behalf of only myself, I look forward to your participation, and am sure that you will bring the expertise and professionalism, which you so clearly have, to bear upon your role in this project.

I will be sure to go and see the finished product in the cinema. I am sure to enjoy it, and my nerdy friends are sure to enjoy hours of fun telling me what was “wrong” with it afterwards. I will try not to let it spoil my enjoyment of the movie.

Yours sincerely,

Friday Jones