Weighing in

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

So expect this to be an eclectic entry because I’m going to weigh in on a few issue.  As usual I’m a bad proof reader of my own material, so beware of any negation that I may leave out, and of me sounding tremendously right wing as a result, it’s probably a typo…

Though in THIS entry, I weigh in about a few things where you actually MIGHT think of me as right-wing as opposed to me tremendously left-wing stance, nevertheless, there we go..

Prince Harry

Who gives a fuck!?  I’m am reliably informed that “getting naked” is routine among the armed forces when partying hard; and that one of the reasons for this is that people who live and work in close quarters in highly stressful situations have less concerns about that sort of thing than the rest of the rather hung up population, (such hang up I suspect driven by the purient interest of the government, the church and the newspapers and most importantly business).  The human body should not intrinsically be offensive or of such interest and the only reason I can see for keeping it so is that the advertisers can use it to attract the eye when it is uncovered.


And by the way advertisers, it is incredibly cynical to put 15 year old girls in adverts and sex them up by airbrushing and clothes and then on the other hand have business the newspapers and the government remind us that they are only children.  How can we tell any more, the youthful population has become a miasma of smooth skin and thin chiqs.  In advertising anyhow, nothing is real.  Stop trying to confuse us, advertisers, with your Paedo approach to advertising.


What is real is my youngest son and his current girlfriend, 15 and just 16.  They play like children, play with language like teenagers and are totally age appropriate, they don’t pretend to be adults at the same time as being incredibly aware that they are growing up and that sometimes they have adult issues to talk about.  My son says “My god is everyone focussed on sex?  Is that all they have to worry about?  What about getting the last star on Mario?  And I have two more first editions to collect for my comics, and I have to think about getting a summer job next year and moving school, should I go to college or another school?  And damn it, I have to run another RP and finish my current novel.”

My favourite past-time, when in their presence, is getting his girlfriend to snort irn-bru down her nose with a carefully time witticism.  It’s funny.


Stand by and watch while these people die, Western Governments, you cowards.  No oil then eh?

Government, particularly the UK and the US

Yes, fuck off.

I have said before I really hate the American politics that drives the US to think that it is akin to old Rome, but 99.999% of American people I have ever met are lovely, I don’t have a problem with them.  What I do have a problem with is that the movie and music industry in America seems to have so much power.  Human life seem to be worth less than downloading a movie.  If someone downloads an album or a track or a movie, it seems to me that the compensation due if sued is worth exactly the retail price of the medium at the time of downloading, no less and no more.

And copyright trolls, you can fuck off too.

UK, stop exporting people to the states, there is no equality in it, or we would have heard of someone breaking our laws and coming over here to be tried, has that ever happened?  (Someone with knowledge about this weigh in please?)

Oh yeah, I haven’t forgotten about 9/11.  It was awful, it will always be awful, like the Japanese getting bombed with nukes (no, I am not remonstrating here), it was a psyche changing event.  It was awful, I remember it like yesterday, and it was dreadful beyond words.  For this, I have nothing but sympathy.


It is quite quite clear to me that the Government of the UK hates Virgin and will do its very best not to deal with them, I think Virgin got the West Coast Train line only because the Government could help it.

see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19402133 and http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19386005 (west Coast rain lines)

and further back Camelot looks like losing the lottery, but they didn’t http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/892978.stm


And while we’re on this sort of thing, it is also clear that MP’s, the Newspapers especially Murdoch’s lot, and the Police, (the higher ups, not your hard working bobbies and support people), form a triumvirate of corruption in this country that should be stopped.  It can be stopped, bizarrely I think it might be stopped by the same elements, outraged honest MP’s , honest if mis-spelled newspapers, (yes Guardian I’m looking at you, and you’re not prefect either so clean up your act), and outraged officers who do not want to see the service bought into dis-repute.  It won’t be solved by revolution, blowing things up, setting fire to things or general rioting.

This sort of thing in particular is very corrupt indeed….

Don’t even get me started about the banks and quantitative easing that feeds directly into them so they can “lend money”.  The government, in the whole of Europe, has just turned into a sort of reverse pimp for the banks.


Actually, it might be solved by revolution.

But the nature of our revolution is not well understood I think, if it were, people other than the government would understand that it is going on right now, and that the government is actively suppressing it.  One of the ways in which they are suppressing it are the proposals to monitor us all even more closely than they do now.  I’ll be encrypting more stuff.

We must do more citizen journalism, more exposure, more questions.

We must ask the government over and over again, if you have nothing to be afraid of, then why do you need to monitor us.

Our government, like so many others, is scared, scared of us, scared of our power on the internet in particular, scared of what we can do when we have the information and what we will make them do.  We are on the cusp of the news work

Blogging and tweeting like this, (well not like this exactly, I am opining, not reporting, but in this medium), as well as downloading, (yes I do think it is an act of revolution, though I also think artists should be paid for their work), are acts of revolution done by a civilised society in which photographers are harassed for taking pictures in public, chips cannot be sold without fish if You’re not McDonalds at an event hat people have paid to go to, the thought police, (see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/news/9402241/London-2012-Olympic-officials-to-police-banned-advertising.html) are out, (yes I’m looking at you London 2012 Olympic Games), as well as the interest of sponsors coming before those of athletes, (see http://thewall.co.uk/topics/31511-uk-olympic-athletes-banned-from-wearing-beats).

It seems to me that this behaviour is merely a symptom of a large ill, the government is losing control over us, it has already lost control over the economy and we will crash again, and they are trying to take back control, on behalf of sponsors and the music industry and hollywood and many other interested parties who want us to be passive and obedient.

Well I *am* passive and obedient, more or less by accident, because I’m generally law abiding and just trying to get on with my life, but by God, you people are making me in to an activist.

You don’t want that, because if you’re making *me* into an activist, how many other people are you making into activists?  Hell I might even have to join a protest.

Governments are scared of us and our power.  The following picked up from my Facebook stream…

Suppression of protest. Governments are scared of us now.
Ongoing Mexico Revolution – Ignored by the MediaMexico, July 11, 2012. The largest protest in human history. USA and UK governments pushed the press not to publish. Google censored videos on youtube and restricted keywords on this event.

The Mexican media has blacking out the protests against their new government, who have been accused of doing everything from buying votes to buying off the media.If the corporate media won’t spread this story, then let’s spread the story. Share this all over your pages and your friend’s pages and help support the democracy movement in Mexico.

Photo: Ongoing Mexico Revolution - Ignored by the Media</p>
<p>Mexico, July 11, 2012. The largest protest in human history. USA and UK governments pushed the press not to publish. Google censored videos on youtube and restricted keywords on this event.</p>
<p>The Mexican media has blacking out the protests against their new government, who have been accused of doing everything from buying votes to buying off the media.</p>
<p>If the corporate media won’t spread this story, then let’s spread the story. Share this all over your pages and your friend’s pages and help support the democracy movement in Mexico.



Fuck you Taliban.  You are not human, really, and I don’t say that enough.  For this thing, just partying, they lose their lives, that’s a whole new level of control.

And fuck you western governments for allowing this.  You cannot be disinterested parties.

That is all.



Everyone rants about this, so I will just say this, this Guardian article provide a good analysis, http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/aug/21/why-us-is-out-to-get-assange, there are many others.

Rape is a serious business, I seem to remember that he is not even suspected of this, but the newspapers approximate it to this, rather dangerously, but whatever the case, he should face these charges.  He should not risk a lifetime of imprisonment and possibly death, (in the very extreme case) by extradition to the US and this is getting the way.

And that is enough about that and everything.

Dominic plays guitar and sings in Japanese

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Because if one’s child can do this, then they have surpassed one.

You will go far my boy, I couldn’t be more proud.

Right now, RIGHT NOW, you’re everything I hoped and dreamed a child would be…

… and your brother no less, though naturally in entirely different ways.

Boys and Girls

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

As someone who has to stand up for doing girl things when I am clearly and blatantly a boy, (alright, given my age, “woman” things and “man”), this, from the BBC is a remarkable and advanced form of parenthood in my opinion, and I blog it here so that it is not forgotten, by me anyhow.

If I could send them a message of support I would.



Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Today, ten years ago I was working in Bangor University as a Research Associate.

We saw the second impact on the web from the computer lab, as one of the teacher trainees was watching the news in a lull.


Keep Calm, and Carry on.


Never forget.