Hey there…

My name is Friday, or Ania, depending on where I’m swinging in the “be girly” spectrum that day.


I’m marking right now, so it will go slowly, but I restored some earlier blog entries that  have been missing, and some embeds have not performed well.  I’ll have to work my way through the site, but I’m aware of it.  After my last burst of Snow in May I haven’t written more but we’re still updating occasionally, I may write more for NaNoWriMo, if I can squeeze out 2000 words a day.


You probably came for Snow, my perennial story of a man and his fight for sanity/desire to save the day.

When I get my back archive, (shortly-ish) I will restore all the other blog posts.

For now, go see Snow, from the beginning, or the latest post.

I recently, (26 08 2013) added the page An open letter to Ben Affleck. I hope it offends everyone except him.

So, personally I have become totally hacked off about the whole depth of Government Spying thing, noting especially that the British Government has successfully kept the media from focusing on GCHQ’s involvement. I haven’t written an essay about this yet, but I expect I will do at some point. Look out for that. In the meantime my page “The Government has become the Enemy of the People” should keep anyone interested to see bits and pieces I pick up that reflect my mood about this. Yeah and I know it’s public and all, but clearly any expectation of privacy is completely out the window.