Friday's Fantasies

by Friday Jones

About Friday

Friday is a Lecturer, parent to five, TTRPG Gamer, writer, oh and we're Trans.

All the other stuff comes first, but you'll notice there's no comment section on this website. Take a wild guess why.

We love being a Lecturer, since the Covid Lockdown there has been less and less face to face teaching. We don't enjoy that. We do love teaching though.

We've stopped using "I" to refer to ourselves if we can remember, our last book, (written in eight days), revealed just how valid thinking of ourselves as a collective really is. Self-knowledge is good. It's a point of view, not an absolute truth.

Our game is Mission, (Mission) once again being repaired and updated. Mostly there for the map. The map contains just under 250,000,000 recorded star systems for the fictional universe.

The podcast is based on my website Daily Words which was an effort to make ourself write every day, and anything I wrote during the first year of Daily Words We crashed up there, finished or not, proofread or not. Mostly not.

My esteemed and much loved children have been nothing but supportive through the writing and the transitioning.

The same can be said of the Beloved, my dear ex's, and many of my good friends. We're surrounded by love.

Our GF and muse in particular has changed the shape of our life.

Thanks for coming to the website.


Friday in a pink beret and a blue dress, cartoon version.

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